Whose personal data we process

  • Professional and well-informed investors and/or other eligible investors who are based in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) or outside the EEA to whom our Company offers services, including but not limited to individuals who have invested in the funds we manage;
  • Individuals connected to Investors, such as the beneficial owner of the investment, persons that own, directly or indirectly, an interest in the investment, authorised signatories, authorised representatives, agents, employees;
  • Individuals connected or relevant to non-individual Investors, such as companies, other corporate clients or other legal on non-legal entities to whom we offer our services, including entities that are considering investing in the funds we manage. Such persons include, shareholders, owners, employees, directors, officers, authorised representatives or agents (g. external legal counsel or external auditors) and other associates

    Individual Investors and Corporate Investors are hereinafter collectively referred to as Investors.

  • Other individuals (e.g. staff candidates) that may be in any way connected with the work that we are engaged to provide to our Investors;
  • Our employees and other persons working for us;
  • Persons applying to us for employment;
  • Our Associates (which may include without limitation, our Service Providers and other third parties, such as IT service providers, auditors, consultants, background check providers with whom we may cooperate in offering our services to our Investors; and
  • Visitors to our Website

What personal data we process?

We process various types of personal data relating to you, subject to Data Protection Legislation, as follows:

  • personal details such as name, surname, place and date of birth, residential address, email address, telephone number, ID, passport, signature;
  • due diligence and know-your-customer information and documentation which we are legally obliged to collect such as passport or other personal identification information, proof of address information, nationality, place and date of birth, country of residence, job, source of wealth, tax reference and background information such as non-bankruptcy records and clean criminal records;
  • information relating to professional relationships – this includes (but is not limited to) your financial or other transactions, business dealings, tax information, marital status, history;
  • financial details such as bank account, credit card details, bank Policys, loan agreements, credit facilities tax reference, billing information, payment details;
  • employment and professional details such as employment contract, curriculum vitae, academic qualifications, diplomas, references, certificates, information relating to your professional and academic qualifications, work experience, references and other information, social media information, where you may apply to us for employment or for consideration in our recruitment services;
  • other personal data which may be provided to us.

Additionally, we do not collect, use or otherwise process special categories of personal data

Right to lodge a complaint

If you have any concern about any aspect of our Privacy Policy or want to file a complaint and/or want us to provide you with any information regarding the processing of your personal data by the Organization, you may contact us via email at info@aifcap.com.