AIFM Services

By virtue of our scope of authorization, we provide the following services:

Portfolio Management

  • Establishing the funds’ investment strategies and policies
  • Developing processes for the efficient and effective identification, evaluation and selection of investment opportunities, leveraging, where appropriate, on 3rd party research and specialist advisors
  • Establishing optimised processes and procedures for the acquisition and divestment of investments
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of portfolio investments
  • Frequent reporting to stakeholders on the performance of investments and market/macroeconomic conditions

Risk Management

  • Developing the funds’ risk management policies, procedures and limits;
  • Developing pre- and post-trade risk assessment templates;
  • Ongoing quantitative and qualitative risk and liquidity monitoring of investments and portfolios to ensure continuous compliance with the set limits;
  • Continuous testing and re-evaluation of risk measurement & management systems;
  • Management of leverage and exposures of the funds;
  • Establishing efficient escalation and reporting systems to Funds’ management and supervisory bodies;


  • Legal and fund management accounting services;
  • Customer inquiries;
  • Valuation and pricing, including tax returns;
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring;
  • Maintenance of units/shareholder register;
  • Distribution of income;
  • Unit/shares issues and redemptions;
  • Contract settlement, including certificate dispatch;
  • Record keeping


  • Advising and supporting in the preparation of marketing material
  • Preparation of the AIFs’ Key Information Documents (KIDs)
  • Establishing distribution agreements with Fund Distributors
  • Handling of  the relevant notification and registration processes for cross-border marketing of AIFs

Portfolio and transactional services

  • Advice to undertakings on capital structure;
  • Advice and services relating to acquisitions, mergers and divestments of undertakings;
  • Facilities management & real estate administration activities;
  • Other services connected to the management of AIFs and portfolio companies and assets